Cheng Daoyuan is a Taipei-based multimedia creator, he searches paradox and coexist between self-awareness and existence with experimental sound, visual and installations. At the core of Cheng’s art is the convergence of two distinct planes into a coherent form, tries to present the philosophy concept of “Everything is nothingness, the end is the beginning” in his works.

He has been actively performed around Taiwan since 2015, such as Lacking Sound Festival(2016, 2018), Taipei Biennial 2018 Opening. In 2019 he played his first overseas shows in Tokyo, released his debut album  “Apeiron” at the end of same year. Cheng’s recordings have been featured on numerous compilations released by labels locally and in the UK, Netherland and Portugal, he’s now in residence of Hong Kong Community Radio and Currents.fm(UK). In 2020, he performed at Nexus Experience by MUTEK, and made his first 7.1-channel ambisonics sound design for at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. He presented “INNERSTAR 01: Reddening “ , an immersive A/V work with Huang Wei at Future Vision Lab, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab in 2021.

His installations typically involve light and sound as they interact, resonate, and create feedback within a space, and in relation to the bodies present there, such as  “ANTUMBRA”(2017) and “SCALAR”(2016). “PLEIADES” (2019) is his latest installation work, which included on site version and live performing version, presented separately at Odd Institute and YAO Chung-Han’s solo exhibition.
He also developed his own unique style in visual creations with designing backgrounds and years of experiences in engagement with experimental scenes. In 2019, he released his first zine “Black Lead”, published NFT series “GLASS SKIN” and “R1-n0”, and participated group exhibition /’fu:bar/ Expo 2021 online and at Institut français de Croatie, Zagreb with “Trigger, Later”(2021) in 2021. His latest glitch artwork series “TRIMESSIAH”(2021, 2022) is now presented in room ‘Water Skin’ , virtual gallery of Synergy Festival.

In 2022, he was selected as the resident of the Creators’ Sound-Off Project in Taiwan Sound Lab, C-LAB, presented the 49.4-channel multimedia work DOOME: Null Gods. In the same year, he participated in the Taiwan Biennial with a new multi-channel and video installation work Where End Is Silent.

His work has been mentioned in international media such as the WIRE (issue411,2018), the QUIETUS (2018), also been reported by Taiwan Beats(2019) and Electric Soul(2021).

鄭道元是現居臺北的新媒體藝術創作者, 他從實驗聲響、影像及裝置等不同媒材的關係中探尋自我狀態與存在本質的相對與共存,將一體兩面作為核心概念貫穿於作品中,試圖呈現「全即無,終為始」的哲學意象。

2015年起進行聲響創作及演出,活躍於台灣實驗聲響場景,曾參與失聲祭(2016,2018)、臺北雙年展開幕(2018)等活動。2019年至日本東京演出,並於同年底發行首張實體專輯“旣 Apeiron”。與國際間交流頻繁,曾參與英國、荷蘭、葡萄牙、匈牙利等國廠牌合輯,現為英國平台Currents.fm及香港聯合電台常駐主持。2020年三月於MUTEK線上活動Nexus Experience演出,六月於國立臺灣美術館製作7.1聲道聲音設計。2021年於臺灣當代文化實驗場Future Vision Lab節目與黃偉共同發表沉浸式A/V作品“INNERSTAR 01 : Reddening”。

他的裝置作品“ANTUMBRA” (2017)、“SCALAR”(2016)等,以聲響作為基底,結合投影、雷射及互動等元素,於空間中探索新的對話可能。作品“PLEIADES”(2019)則分為現地製作及現場演出等版本,分別於好氏研究室及姚仲涵個展演出。
在視覺領域亦有他獨特風格及呈現手法,長年投身於實驗場景活動視覺設計。他於2019年發表個人首本刊物“黑鉛 Black Lead”,2021年發表“GLASS SKIN”, “R1-n0”等NFT系列作,並以作品“Trigger, Later”(2021)參與Fubar Expo 2021線上展覽,於克羅埃西亞實體展出。 2022年發表新系列作“TRIMESSIAH”,於新能祭虛擬藝廊水皮展間中展出。

2022年獲選為臺灣當代文化實驗場Creators聲鬥陣計畫進駐者,發表49.4聲道複合媒材作品《DOOME: Null Gods》,同年以多聲道與影像裝置作品《盡音 Where End Is Silent》參與臺灣美術雙年展。

作品曾於國際媒體如the WIRE (issue411,2018)、the QUIETUS (2018)提及,並於Taiwan Beats(2019)及Electric Soul(2021)報導。



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