Cheng Daoyuan is a multidisciplinary artist devoted to the examination of the concomitance and rivalry between the self and the nature of existence through experimental sound, image, and installation works. This examination has been at the core of Cheng’s art practice, which involves a philosophical exercise that he describes by saying “completeness is nothingness, and the end is the beginning.”

Cheng has been active in Taiwan's experimental sound scene since 2015. In 2019, he performed in Tokyo (Japan) and released his debut physical album. His sound works have been released on various labels and platforms in the form of compilations, remixes, collaboration and programs. In 2020, he was invited to perform at MUTEK: Nexus Experience. In recent years, he focused on the development of multi-channel sound works, which have been presented in National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab.

In 2022, he was selected as the resident of the Sound-Off Project in Taiwan Sound Lab, C-LAB, presented the 49.4-channel multimedia work DOOME: Null Gods. In the same year, he participated in the Taiwan Biennial with a new installation work Where End Is Silent.

His collaborative work Re-Fracture was nominated for the 22nd Taishin Arts Award in 2023.



2015年起活躍於台灣聲響場景,2019年至日本東京演出,並於同年底發行首張實體專輯。他的聲音作品以合輯、混音、共製與節目等形式發表於各國廠牌及平台,2020年受邀於MUTEK:Nexus Experience演出。近年聚焦於發展多聲道聲音作品,於臺灣國立美術館、臺灣當代文化實驗場等地發表。

2022年獲選為臺灣當代文化實驗場Creators聲鬥陣計畫進駐者,發表49.4聲道複合媒材作品《DOOME: Null Gods》,同年以裝置作品《盡音 Where End Is Silent》參與臺灣美術雙年展。

2023年以共創作品《逆斷口 Re-Fracture》獲第22屆台新藝術獎提名。