《TRIMESSIAH》 是鄭道元始於2021年的視覺創作系列,命題結合了‘trim(修裁)’和‘messiah(彌賽亞)’,由神性、人性與科技三者的關係出發,進而探討當今時代中‘存為’的本質。
他借用三位一體的概念延伸於三件作品:《TRIMESSIAH, AT》 / 《TRIMESSIAH, AS》 及 《TRIMESSIAH, AM》當中。

他不停追尋圖像的扭曲與實驗,在這次的作品中運用了如datamosh, pixeldrift, datablend 及 scanner-distortion等不同的手法來達到他理想中的破壞美學。

TRIMESSIAH is a visual creation series developed by Cheng Daoyuan since 2021, The tittle TRIMESSIAH stands for the combination of ‘trim’ and ‘messiah’, in which Cheng started from the relationship between deity, humanity and technology, and discuss about essence of ‘being’ in this era. Borrowed from the concept of Trinity, he express his thoughts with three pieces - TRIMESSIAH, AT / TRIMESSIAH, AS and TRIMESSIAH, AM.

Each has its own direction and approach, but can also be seen as a whole work, which is all based on one initial concept.
With his endless pursuit towards image distortion and experiment, he uses different method such as datamosh, pixeldrift, datablend and scanner-distortion to approach his ideal aesthetic of destruction.


命名為Rubbish In, Nothing Out之縮寫,借鑑自習語RIRO(Rubbish in, Rubbish out),意指若輸入端為無實際意義之資料,其導出結果亦為無意義。


The title R1-n0 stands for ‘Rubbish In, Nothing Out’, which borrows from the idiom ‘Rubbish in, Rubbish out’ (RIRO), is the concept that flawed, or nonsense input data produces nonsense output.
The history of RIRO can traced back to early days of computing (1957), but applies even more today.

In R1-n0, Cheng entered completely random context in different search engine, trying to get the ‘nonsense input data’, and he uses the result as the only source of this project, deconstruct and reshape towards endless dimensions, in order to probe the algorithmic connection and transformation between consciousness and information.

R1-n0 : 531ASTERS 2021 HD video | 2ch sound, 01’05”, 1000 x 1618(px)