• 2023, cross-field performance
  • co-creator and live sound performer

2023C-LAB Sound Festival: Diversonics
21st & 22nd Oct. 2023, The Art Space V (former U.S. Aid Building), C-LAB

We become remnants of time, seeking and imagining completeness in a process of dissection.
As evidence of a presence, a fracture is also the remnant after an event or of an exerted force. More than a static break, a fracture incarnates the record of an occurrence inscribed on a visible object.
Once the event terminates or the force no longer exists, we seek to mend and restore amid breaks and fragments, while continuously creating fractures and heterogeneities.

Co-created by YEH Yu-Hsuan, CHENG Dao-Yuan, and HSIAO Yu-Li, Re-Fracture based on “fracture” is an exploration of the incompleteness, variation, the virtual, and the real of a
rupture through the mutual check and balance, interlacing superimposition, and reorganization of the physical movements, sounds, and installations regarded as interdependent vehicles.

Choreographer: YEH Yu-Hsuan|Sound Creation & Performance: CHENG Dao-Yuan|Installation & Performance: HSIAO Yu-Li
Performers: LAI Yu-Feng, TSENG Yu-Ting, CHAN Pei-Hsuan|Lighting Designer: TING Hao-Tsu|Costume Designer: Juby CHIU|Stage Manager: CHEN Pin-Hsaun
Sound Engineering Coordinator: C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab|Lighting Technology Coordinator: Tinghaotsu Lighting Design Studio|Installation Assistant: LIN Wei-Ting
Artistic Consultation: CHOW Ling-Chih|Production Consultation:Neo WU|Sound Engineering Consultation: DEAN Chi-You|Executive Producer: HSIEH Ya-Yun
Special Thanks to Artexpected CO.,LTD, LEE Hua, LIAO Wen-Yu, TSOU Ying-Lin, HSIEH Kuang-Yu, and HualienArt



表演者:賴有豐、曾淯婷 、詹佩瑄|燈光設計:丁浩祖|服裝設計:邱娉勻|舞台監督:陳品璇
聲音工程統籌:C-LAB 臺灣聲響實驗室|燈光技術統籌:丁浩祖燈光設計工作室|裝置協力:林煒庭