Program Synopsis

“Just as in Hardy’s Ivy Wife, the conclusion is: “God bless you, honest William! – Farewell, dear Amelia – Grow green again, tender little parasite, round the rugged old oak to which you cling!” In both examples above, the parasite is clearly an alien self that is both dependent and destructive. It enters into a self-sufficient family to eat of the host and drink of the host, while simultaneously killing the host.” -YANG, Dachun Deconstruction

Cheng Daoyuan will present the corresponding concepts and doomsday aesthetics that are pervasive in his work in an attempt to eliminate and amalgamate the master-slave relationship between sound and culture. Destruction and reconstruction, eschewing the consciousness rooted in genres and trends and frameworks auxiliary to civilization to linger in a space that contains only sound and the self.

Note: The quote mentioned above by Yang Dachun is taken from Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray.

TheCube Forum Music Festival      |      Review by Bowie Shen (Artouch)