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百軌夜行|Moving Track in the White Night


Event / Nuit Blanche Taipei 2018 (offical info)
Arrangement / IF Plus Co., Ltd.
Client / Leo Burnett CO., Ltd.
Sponsor / Mercedes Benz Taiwan (Smart)


Audio / Wu Tsangcheng
Visual / Nienan Chung (IF Plus Co., Ltd.)
Visual / Cheng Daoyuan


Introduce (from IF PLUS Co., Ltd.)

Moving Track in the White Night, the all new cross-over work was a collaboration invited by Nuit Blanche 2018 curator Sean C.S. Hu and smart x sound artist Wu Tsan-Cheng. The work included the fixed spot installation at the main entrance of Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation showing the daily Taipei scenes in a combination of moving images, the car body, and the sound of the city. The hallucinating visual projection embarked the sound journey. What’s more, 12 urban mini cars—smart, became the moving work driven among different Nuit Blanche Taipei venues to experience the activity. After registration, participants took off the journey by experiencing around 15-20 minutes’ car-ride and the sound landscape. The special planned route plus Wu Tsan-Cheng’s edited sound design, GPS operated app developed by IF Plus, and the sound field in smart cars worked as medium. Participants would hear layers of daily life sound alongside the landscape outside of the car, and were woven together as a magical journey across time and space. The day-to-day market scene, conversations between foreign workers, and dialogues among the young, etc. worked as if an augmented reality experience of sound, and made it a one-of-a-kind experience between the reality and virtual reality.

Sound artist Wu Tsan-Cheng has long been working on work Taiwan Sound Map(, which tells the story with daily life sound from every city corner. Another young artist Clansie Dao-Yuan Cheng participated in the fixed-spot video and sound editing installation. His works are mostly categorized as experimental sound performance, new media installation, destructive program video, and graphic art.

Moving Track in the White Night 10/6 18:00-10/7 06:00
Fixed-spot installation, experience starting point: main entrance of Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (No.7 Ln. 48, Sec. 2, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City)
Experience end-point: Exit 4, Taipei Expo Park (close to Crystal Lovers’ Bridge and Taiwanese Indigenous Cultural Center)


此作品《百軌夜行》為2018白晝之夜策展人胡朝聖邀請,與 smart x 聲音藝術家 吳燦政的跨界全新創作,包含臺北大眾捷運股份有限公司正門的定點裝置,將日常的台北用動態影像、車體以及城市聲音三個元素結合,迷幻的視覺投影,點亮聲音之旅的啟程風景。另外為體驗活動,以12台都會小車 smart ,成為移動於白晝展出區域唯一的移動式作品,民眾登記報名後,按照場次上車體驗約15-20min的路程及聲音風景,別出心裁的路線規劃,加上吳燦政的聲音編輯設計,開發GPS定位播放的app系統及 smart 車內的聲場作為載體,民眾在體驗的過程中,將跟著車外風景,聽見常民生活的所堆疊出來的聲音,交織出跨越時空的奇幻旅程,市場的日常、移工的對談、年輕人的交談......等,如同一場聲音的擴增實境,現實與虛擬交錯的精彩體驗。

聲音藝術家吳燦政長期致力規劃「台灣聲音地圖」,用日常生活的聲音來敘述散落在這個城市角落的故事。 另一位參與定點裝置影像及聲音編輯的年輕創作者鄭道元,作品多屬於實驗聲響演出、新媒體裝置、程式破壞錄像及平面藝術。

百軌夜行 10/6 18:00-10/7 06:00