INNERSTAR 01 : Reddening

INNERSTAR is an audio-visual series co-presented by HUANG Wei and CHENG Dao-Yuan. The concept is based on the relationship between the universe and mind, inspired by astronomical phenomena and the exploration of consciousness and existence from a philosophical perspective.

INNERSTAR 01: Reddening is the first work in this series. Reddening refers to the interaction between interstellar matter and light, resulting in scattering and wavelength shifts. Using relevant data and physical characteristics as the reference basis for visual and sound, an audio-visual immersive experience is presented with surround sound and dome projection. Soaked and enfolded with a dazzling, illusive atmosphere, viewers are able to be in the deepest space in their minds. The stars are in your heart, and you are the universe.

Visual Design|HUANG Wei   Sound Design|CHENG Dao-Yuan   Realtime Graphic Design|HUANG Wei, WONG Kuok-Pa   3D Modeling|Choco TSAO


《INNERSTAR 01 : Reddening》為此系列首作,紅化現象(Reddening)指星際物質與光交互作用的結果,產生如波長的位移等常見的散射現象。從其相關數據及物理性質作為視覺及聲音上的參考依據,並以沉浸式環繞穹頂投影A/V作品呈現,以眩瀰的影像與聲響包覆空間,藉此使觀者如身於心中深處,找到屬於自我的時刻;寰宇之下,星辰於心,吾即宇宙。

視覺設計|黃偉   聲音設計|鄭道元   即時圖像設計|黃偉、黃國斌   3D模型|曹恆誠