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< 黑鉛 | Black Lead > 
Jan 2019
a zine by Cheng Daoyuan

紙材 - 
封面:櫻桃丸 / 內頁:天堂鳥 
裝訂:騎馬釘 / 頁數:二十頁

我將於1/25 ~ 2/3於日本高圓寺的SUBstore參與由語言共事 Batonic Projects 所策劃的刊物展覽 - 意象萎縮 Spectacular Atrophy (YXWS4),
這次特地為此行製作我的第一本公開發行之小誌 - < 黑鉛 |Black Lead >

From 25th Jan to 3rd Feb, I'll participate in Spectacular Atrophy (YXWS4), which is a independent publication and print exhibition at SUBstore Tokyo, Koenji,
host by Batonic Projects. Therefore I made my first publication - < 黑鉛 |Black Lead >

For more info :

意象萎縮 Spectacular Atrophy (YXWS4)
語言共事 Batonic Projects