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‘Are We Just An Angel From The Pantry’是鄭道元為周佳緯:〈告別部分的我如同祝福〉(Are we just an angel from the pantry)

"Are We Just An Angel From The Pantry" is the 7.1 channel based original soundtrack produced by Cheng Daoyuan,
for the exhibition - Chou Chiawei : "Are we just an angel from the pantry”,
which presented at Room 108 of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, from 13th June to 9th Aug.
In addition to original soundtracks, the Ambisonic simulation version and Live-recording version are also included.


This sound production based on 7.1 channel sound system, the main development basis is the relationship between dynamics and
position of multiple sound sources in space.
This leads to select specific sound materials and effects, trying to maximum the characteristics of the space and 7.1 channels to
reshape the atmosphere of nowhere in the room.

發展出自身對於此主題之核心脈絡 -

The main concept of the soundtrack are from Chou Chiawei's proposition,
which Cheng developed his own centrepiece from the topic -
"Angel" as the index, reflecting on the "human"'s doubts about own existence.
The wish we make eventually lead to the destruction, which is also the origin.
Everything is the same, All is in one mind.

續以7.1聲道之特性,以文學角度引述啟示錄第八、九章 - 七天使吹七號部分,並以此作為曲目結構設計之主要參考依據:

With the characteristics of the 7.1 channel to quote the eighth and nineth chapters of the Revelation-Seven Angels and the Seventh
from a literary perspective, and use this as the main reference basis for the design of the track structure:


When the first four trumpets sounded one after another, disasters fell to the ground, destroying one third of nature. The fifth trumpet horn sounded,
and a falling star (representing Satan) opened the bottomless pit, releasing a large group of locusts imprisoned in the pit to attack "those without
God's mark on their foreheads." The sixth trumpet horn announced the release of the four fallen angels who had been tied up. They formed 200 million
cavalry, causing heavy casualties, but people still refused to repent of their evil deeds. At this time, two witnesses of God warned the world; a "beast
from the bottomless pit" killed them. The world was happy for this, but God resurrected the two witnesses, and another major earthquake occurred.
When the seventh angel sounded his trumpet, a voice from heaven declared: Christ will reign forever.

*Please use headphones to get the best listening effect, or go to the 108 exhibition room of National Art Museum of Taiwan to experience 7.1 channel effect.

Photo: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts


Destroy is constructing, gaining is losing;
Praying will be desperate, birth is in the doom.
Repeatedly falls into the loop of "none", and in the end, "none" is a complete and total "all".


Within the glittering doomsday, all we see is the dissipation of the collapsed scene, existence and loss coexisted before the establishment.
They were called angels - with familiar faces, calling our names.
Before the voice delivered, it transfer into twines, gathered into a bundle of cables leading towards the abyss.
Looking up the abyss, knowing that we’re all from there, above every world, and that’s also where the angels from.
A face with countless faces, from you, from me, from us, from sentient beings, from all the mediums of reflection.
The broken mirror was silent, the name in our mouth had lost its voice, shouting silently : Go back, go back, and the name of everything was
echoed here in silence, deafening, but still silence.

瞬然 —

In a sudden —
Sky fell into earth, human vanished into dust,
Day is night, and we became nothing.

如墨般潰散 — 如血般暈染。

Erased faces, forgotten names, and dissipated consciousness.
Thousands of black fire burst from the chest,
Convergence, compression, expansion, as the initial appearance of this world.
Can’t be seen, only when it’s allowed.
The light of billion minds, completely black, completely white :
Beneath, people stretched their shadows and crossed all identifiable boundaries along the way,
Deconstructed like ink — smudged like blood.


『If pain is the light,
Then my shadow must be as gorgeous as you. 』


When your eyes are closed,
Everything can be seen.

Shattered, Broken, Rotten,
Eyes are sewn, I see Black Lights.

It penetrates through our chest.

There’s void,
a gigantic hole of nothingness.

We survived,
Living without mind and emotions.

Looked up to the abyss we’ve been with sewn eyes.

Are we just an angel from the pantry?


Release Date : 17th July, 2020
All Tracks by Cheng Daoyuan
Visuals : Chou Chiawei
Design : Cheng Daoyuan
Photo:National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Mixing / Mastering : Cheng Daoyuan
Format : Digital

Special Thanks to
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Immanuel Dannenbring, Lisa Chuang, Lai Shi Chao