ANTUMBRA 1/5 prototype
Interactive A/V Installation


100X75 , Mixed Media
Fluorescent Lamp, Acrylic Board with Laser Engraving, Wood Board

Hand (finger) - LeapMotion - Processing / PureData - Arduino - Relay - Fluorescent Lamp

LeapMotion detect hand and send signals to Processing, which contains X,Y,Z axis coordinate,
gestures and more, after Processing receive signals, it sends different instructions depends on
what signals it received.
Different instruction which Processing send to Arduino, it comes up with different effect with
fluorescent lamp.
As for sound part, I active the sound file on PureData which I made previously with Ablenton Live,
and I made a oscillator / AMP simulation on PureData, which change frequency with hand position.
Installation Design / Clansie DaoYuan Cheng
Interactive Design / Clansie DaoYuan Cheng
Sound Design / Clansie DaoYuan Cheng
Program Assistance / Chia - Wei Chou
Thanks to
En - Wei Huang / Chun - Ching Yeh / Pong - Yun Wang / Wan - Yu Chen